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The following tutorials and samples help explain how to use FotoForensics.

General AboutAbout FotoForensics: How to use this site.
About IPv6IPv6 Support: Information about IPv6 network connectivity.
ChallengesChallenges: Sample puzzles and problems for practice.
MistakesCommon Mistakes: The five most common mistakes made during analysis.

Tools Color AdjustmentColor Adjustment Tutorial: How to adjust the HSV colorspace for analysis.
DigestFile Digest Tutorial: A description of basic file digests and their use for specific file identification.
ELAError Level Analysis Tutorial: How ELA works and how to interpret results.
Error Level Analysis Sample: A case study using ELA.
ExpectationsBrowser Expectations: Every web browser has distinct quirks that impact analysis.
JPEG %Estimate JPEG Quality: Identifies the last JPEG quality level.
MetadataMetadata Analysis Tutorial: A description of metadata and how to use it for analysis.
SearchSimilar Image Search Tutorial: Methods for finding variants of pictures online.
The reading categories include links to the Hacker Factor blog and other web sites. These resources provide additional information related to digital picture analysis and photo forensics.

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